Business & Commercial Law

Business & Commercial Law

 At Kingston Swift Lawyers, we provide a wide range of services within the business and commercial law sectors for clients across Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, Tanilba Bay and surrounding regions.

Our Services includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial law (sometimes called business law) focuses on laws that cover trade, commerce, sales, merchandising and any other business-related sectors.

Commercial lawyers specialise in all aspects of business and company law and are professionally trained to understand the complex world of business operations and legal entities.

The branches of commercial law include property law, corporate law, contract law, intellectual property law, tax law and more.

Commercial lawyers must have high commercial awareness, great interpersonal skills, great negotiation skills, knowledge of business dealings and high ethical standards.

Commercial lawyers can help business owners navigate and solve issues affecting their business, including taxation, mergers, shareholder issues and more.