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At Kingston Swift Lawyers, we provide a broad range of family law-related services to clients across Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, Tanilba Bay and surrounding regions.

We take a constructive, fair and caring approach to all family law matters, making sure to fully understand the individual needs or all parties involved. Our dedicated lawyers will always work hard to ensure our clients’ objectives are met.

Our family law-related services include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Family law is the area of law dealing with domestic relations and family matters.

An example of family law includes dealings with legal guardianship.

A family can be defined as a husband, wife and children, any blood relations, or persons living in the same household who meet certain criteria.

The purpose of family law is to enforce and allocate responsibility for family members in relation to money, employment, income support, housing, care of children and more.

Family law covers parenting matters including custody, time arrangements, relocation and travel, missing children and more.