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Litigation services

At Kingston Swift Lawyers, we work diligently to ensure all dispute resolution and claim matters are handled effectively. Occasionally, matters cannot be resolved through negotiation, mediation, conciliation or other attempts at resolution.

For our clients in Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, Tanilba Bay and surrounding regions, we assist with the necessary researching, planning and executing of litigation strategies in the case of unsatisfactory dispute resolution.

Our experienced team will assist in the following systems:

For help with any of the above matters, contact us to book an appointment or discuss your unique needs with our lawyers.

Litigation Services — Kingston Swift Lawyers In Port Stephens, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Litigation is broadly defined as the process of taking legal action.

Litigation generally takes a minimum of one year, although some cases can last for five years or longer.

When a case goes to litigation, you and your lawyer will begin preparing your case for trial or hearings.

Litigation is the conduct of a lawsuit but is not a lawsuit itself.

During litigation, a judge may make the final decisions for any parties involved, unless settlement takes place before the trial.