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At Kingston Swift Lawyers, our highly-trained and professional team have provided will and estate-related services to clients across Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, Tanilba Bay and surrounding regions for several years.

Our will and estate-related services include:

If you are planning to put together a will or need help with any related services, contact the friendly team at Kingston Swift Lawyers today. We work closely with you and consider your unique needs to create a tailored solution for all matters relating to wills and estates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will planning and estate planning are very similar, although estate planning is slightly more complex, allowing clients to outline their plans for health and finances while they are still living.

Generally, elder law protects your income and assets while you are still living, while will and estate planning focuses on distributing your assets after you pass away.

Creating a will ensures your property and belongings are distributed to suit your wishes after you pass on.

Writing a will is not necessary, but if you do not create one, the law will decide how your estate is passed on to others.

A dispute resolution involves processes that can be used to resolve conflicts regarding the distribution of assets outlined in a will or estate.